Welcome to HTBomb's Magical Hot Wheels. I played with Mattel Hot Wheels when I was a kid and began collecting them as an adult in 1996 shortly after leaving a 79 cent limited edition Treasure Hunt Passion on the pegs at KMart. That car is now worth $100! Several months later I found and bought three Treasure Hunts at Target. I was hooked.

I am interested in buying childhood collections of toy cars: Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Corgi, Husky, Dinky and Topper Johnny Lightning; Slot cars from Cox, Aurora and Tyco AF/X; Plastic model kits from AMT, Monogram, MPC. Please contact me via my website link below.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Vintage Hot Wheels Ads

Back in the 60s Mattel ran many ads in comic books.  The following ad introduced many kids to the exciting new world of Hot Wheels cars.  It featured the original 16 castings.

Not only did Hot Wheels look great but they could do something Matchbox couldn't: race down the track.   Kids like me wanted their Hot Wheels to be the fastest and it was easy to set up match races in one's room.  Best of all: no batteries required; only required gravity to make it work.  The iconic loop was introduced in the earliest of sets.

Battery powered devices were introduced to compete with then popular slot car tracks.  These enabled Hot Wheels to zoom around a closed circuit race track.

Later ads switched to photos which were not as cool looking.  But the idea of challenging to a race was very tempting.  Mattel also ran TV commercials but that is a topic for a future post.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hot Wheels Porsche 908 Spyder Hybrid

Gorgeous new hybrid from Porsche.  Another beauty from Hot Wheels.  Poised on my desk this car looks real with tampo headlights and Porsche emblem, realistic dark grey interior with 3-spoke steering wheel and well-bolstered racing buckets.  When Mattel designers nail it they really nail it.

The Porsche 918 Spyder is a mid-engined sports plug-in hybrid powered by a 4.6 litre V8 engine and two electric motors. Porsche plans to manufacture 918 units as a 2014 model with deliveries starting winter 2013.

*From the 2013 HW Showroom segment.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hallmark Ornaments: A Hot Wheels Christmas Keepsake

Hallmark has a tradition of producing annual ornaments.  I have collected a few of them over the years primarily those dealing with my favorite redline years.  The Deora is among the first Hot Wheels cars and this ornament is a miniature replica of the car in its blister pack complete with collector button.


And who can resist a Silhouette with tiny vinyl carrying case?  I couldn't.


Not to mention everyone's elementary school favorite lunchbox and Thermos.

Splittin' Image

In honor of Hot Wheels' 30th anniversary Hallmark created a TwinMill on orange track loop.  Classic. 


The ornaments look great even without a tree and I hang mine from a shelf in the display cabinet with my redlines. Thanks to the Internet many of these are still easily found.  Why not start your collection today?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hot Wheels '55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser

Introducing Mattel Hot Wheels Chevy Gasser new for 2013 from the HW Showroom series.

Gassers were a part of the early drag racing movement that began during the mid-1950s and continued all the way through the late-1960s. They paved the way for faster cars like the altered wheelbase A/FX (or “Altereds”) and funny cars.

The Hot Wheels gasser has authentic primer gray paint and hand-letter style graphics.  My only issue is it leans a bit too much to the rear so much so that it looks like it's lifting off the starting line.

The concept was to simply provide as much weight transfer over the rear wheels as possible to provide the best traction.  Tall tire was the name of the game with gassers, so radiused rear wheelwells were par for the course, as were fenderwell headers and weight-saving punch holes found across the front suspension and frame.

I think you'll agree that the gasser look is quite sexy. And Mattel captured the overall aesthetic quite nicely.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

2013 Hot Wheels Special Edition Camaro

Finally, a Hot Wheels car you can drive to the supermarket.  Ever wonder what it would be like to drive a Hot Wheels car?  Well wonder no more.  Chevrolet has announced the 2013 Hot Wheels Special Edition Camaro.  Sporting Hot Wheels stickers on bodywork, front grille, sill and banks, wheels and a few other places not to mention discreet flames on the hind quarters.   It even has redline stripes on the wheels.

All this can be had for under seven grand plus the price of a Camaro, with V6 and V8 options in coupe and convertible.

While I enjoy collecting Hot Wheels I'm not quite ready to announce it to the world.
The Camaro is a fitting tribute as the first Hot Wheels released back in '68 was the Custom Camaro (a reasonable facsimile seen next to the '13 in the Sema photo above.  And Camaros remain collector favorites.

If you can't come up with the cash for the real car you can surely spring a buck for the regular issue toy version available soon at your favorite toy store or department.

The newest Hot Wheels Camaro...
Hot Wheels Special Edition Camaro
And the first...

Hot Wheels Custom Camaro

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hot Wheels Altered Ego

Today I found a TH Surf Crate but opened the Altered Ego.

AA Fuel Altered (AA/FA) class of drag racers is the subject here.  Mattel has done numerous dragsters and funny cars over the years including the latest Funny Side Up but this is the first custom fuel altered.

The controversial design element is the front wheel wells left open.  Gives the car a somewhat odd yet unique look.  Cool place for the driver to crawl in and out perhaps.

Altered Ego would be totally awesome if the body flipped open.  I like the positive negative flame graphics and the name, too, especially in the retro font on the front spoiler.

Designed by veteran Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood this 2012 New Model is just the thing to get your drag racing blood pumping.

Check out Awful Awful Fuel Altereds!

Hot Wheels 2012 Volkswagen Beetle

Today I Opened a Hot Wheels 2012 Volkswagen Beetle.  That's the new new Beetle.  It's the turbo model by the way.  Nicely done is a black skyroof and black topped spoiler.

Well done are tampos for head and tailights, VW emblem and license plate.  Not so niice are the too small wheels/tiresl.  Lately Hot Wheels has been using oversized tires that ruin the look '71 Trans Am Firebird and '70 Toyota Celica come to mind.  Here we get the opposite effect. 

The roofline is squat compared to the real car.  Overall, instead of a cool hot rodded classic we have a tame rendition of an uber cool auto.

For a bit of fun with the old New Beetle check out this great VW Bug Coupe CD Player.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hot Wheels Funny Side Up Funny Car

Today I Opened A Hot Wheels Funny Side Up.

Not a fan of plastic bodied diecast but on a funny car it's a natural.  After all, real funny cars have fiberglass bodies.
This flopper's plastic body is easily removable adding another realistic touch.  Place the diecast chassis with plastic engine and roll-cage nearby and you're on a roll.

Another cool aspect is that some of the body is clear plastic: rear window and spoiler, side vents, front grille and windshield.  Yet it appears to be monolithic.  How'd they do that?!!!  Closer inspection reveals what appears to be a two-part process: red plastic injected first then clear.  Nice.

I like the name, too: a nice play on my sunny side up breakfast.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hot Wheels Batman The Bat

Hot Wheels has brought us many Batman related vehicles in recent years including the fabulous '66 TV Batmobile.

In honor of the movie The Dark Knight Rises Mattel brings us The Bat.  The what?!  The Bat.  "But that vehicle flies" you say.

Right you are.  And so does the Hot Wheels version if you fling it into the air (for a second or two only to crash straight down like a brick).

"But Hot Wheels should have wheels" you say.

Not this one.  But alas it is not alone in the Hot Wheels lineup. 

For example, how could you forget 1998's Fathom This?

Or the classic Goodyear Blimp released in 1992.

Or the Propper Chopper from way back in 1980.

Did I leave any out?

The Bat is certainly a creative choice for a Hot Wheels vehicle.  But it looks cool and I hope kids, big and small, enjoy it.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hot Wheels 68 Ford Ranchero Treasure Hunt

Today I opened a Ford Ranchero.

I don't open many Treasure Hunts but could not resist this one.

The truck sits just right and the paint/tampo combination is gorgeous.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hot Wheels DW-1 / Dan Wheldon Lionheart

Today I opened a Hot Wheels DW-1 / Dan Wheldon.

Super Treasure Hunt quality without the hysteria.  A fitting tribute to Indy racer Dan Wheldon.

I'm a fan of 80's Real Riders and this fits in nicely with all of those Indy cars.

If you like to read about the Indy 500 you may like Indy 500 By Pimm .  If you prefer diecast try this fabulous 1/18 scale racer Replicarz GL10926 Greenlight 1-18 2011 Dan Wheldon Indy 500 Winner:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare 2012 X Games

Team Hot Wheels set a Guinness World Record at the X Games in Los Angeles last weekend for their feat on life-sized replicas modeled after a toy track set called Double Dare Snare.

The iconic orange loop will surely bring back childhood memories to many.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

LEGO 30160 DC Universe Super Heroes Batman Jetski

Just finished building the Batman and Jetski polybag.

Best five bucks I ever spent.  Well-detailed Jetski with lots of play action (moving fins, flick shooting rockets, rocking base).  Complete with Batman minifig (my first in black).  Awesome!

Nintendo Wii Lego Batman: The Video Game (Google Affiliate Ad)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dale Jr. Mountain Dew Batman NASCAR

I digress a bit because I'm disgusted by something I just saw on the Internet.

Dale Jr. is proud of his new Batman DARK KNIGHT movie paint because, "it’s pretty cool that the paint scheme they picked is the one I helped create."  Seems there was a Mountain Dew contest to pick the scheme to be used for Dale's NASCAR Impala.

I'm sorry but when my car gets hit by bird poop on the hood it's nothing to brag about.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

LEGO Batman and Hot Rod Batmobile

I once again digress for LEGO Batman.  Here he is with a custom hot rod (MOC) Batmobile designed and built by Tiler. 

Check out more of his great work here: Flickr

Friday, May 11, 2012

Carroll Shelby Dies at 89

Carroll Shelby, Builder of Cobra Sports Car, Dies at 89

Legend and automotive pioneer best known for his AC Cobra and hi-performance Mustangs starting with 1965's Shelby GT350. Not to mention the Ferrari-beating GT40 at LeMans.  

Carroll is well-represented in the Hot Wheels lineup and one of my all-time favorites is from the 1980's Real Riders series.

Hot Wheels Cobra



Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hot Wheels Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Today I opened a Hot Wheels Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.   

I haven't really kept up with the many motorcycles released over the years but couldn't resist this one.

Fat Boy

It's one hefty hunk of diecast.  I love the black handlebars and seat.  Can't beat it for a buck.

Below is the real 2011 bike.  The Hot Wheels is a bit tall and chunky by comparison but still quite nice.  I imagine customizers will paint the front fender, black-wash the engine and add a few details.

The first bike in the lineup goes back to 1975's Motocross 1.  I can only assume it wasn't popular because there wasn't another bike for years.  Mattel re-introduced motorbikes to the Hot Wheels line-up with 1997's First Edition Scorchin' Scooter, a sweet looking custom.

Scorchin' Scooter
There were many more bikes to follow but I chose to stick to cars.  Until yesterday. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 Hot Wheels Batman Series

Mattel has announced a new Batman series featuring Batmobiles from over the years.  The cars are the same ones already found as mainline cars but now in packaging with graphics unique to the car.

My favorite is the '66 TV Batmobile.

There's also the Batcopter from Batman Begins.  Found only in the Batman 5-pack until now.

There are five additional vehicles from the movies and comics.  My vote is out until pricing is announced.  For a dollar these would be cool additions for the new graphics.  But if it's a few dollars and the only difference is the cards...

I miss my Peeps

It's become somewhat of a personal tradition to buy Peeps when they go on sale after Easter.

Sadly this year I have yet to find them.  I miss my Peeps.

The Munsters LEGO and Hot Wheels Rigor Motor

Hot Wheels released the Rigor Motor in 1994 heavily influenced by The Munsters Drag-U-La.  I remember meeting Butch Patrick, the actor who played Eddie Munster on the TV series, and he commented on how many Rigor Motors he's been asked to autograph over the years.
Hot Wheels Rigor Motor
Alex Jones (aka Orion Pax) brings us The Munsters' mansion seen below from the 1960's hit TV show.

Everything in the photo is built from LEGO's including the George Barris designed Munster Koach and Grandpa's Drag-U-La.  Amazing.  Simply amazing.

Here's the real Drag-U-La show car in front of the Munster Koach in the classic Hot Rod Herman episode for reference.

Striking similarity to the Rigor Motor, eh?

For more LEGO builds please check out The Brothers Brick.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Digress A Bit: The Beach Boys SMILE

Every once in a while I digress a bit from toy cars and talk about other interests.  As a long time Beach Boys fan I would be remiss if I didn't blog about their recently released album, SMILE.

If you're not familiar with the history of this infamous never released LP from the late '60s then my ramblings won't mean much.  But if you are aware that SMILE is one of the most talked about albums of all time in spite of the fact that the Beach Boys never released it.  In fact, they never finished it. And there's the rub.

I recently bought the new 2-cd set, The Beach Boys SMILE Sessions, a fantastic mini box set featuring the "album" and many previously unreleased tracks and fragments.  Notice I put "album" in quotes.  The original album was never completed.

The November 2011 release is an attempt to finish the album Brian started.  It would be infinitely more significant if it had been completed in the '60s but not issued.  Then we could attempt to judge it on its own merit and second guess it's impact had it been released back in the day.  As released it is based on the prototype set with Brian's 2004 release Brian Wilson's Smile wherein he attempted to recreate his long lost album with his touring band, The Wondermints.  It was met with critical acclaim.

Also of note is that the outstanding 1991 Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of The Beach Boys box set which featured many of the best previously unreleased tracks including Our Prayer, Wonderful, Do You Like Worms? and I Love To Say Da Da.  Had these tracks never appeared the new Smile disc would be more significant.

Another shortcoming is that the original SMILE LP would have been a single disc.  The 2011 release spans one and a half discs on vinyl.  Itself proof that this is not the original SMILE.

From the many song fragments that exist it's easy to see how Brian might have been overwhelmed and lost his way building songs from numerous modular takes.  The songs he did complete such as Good Vibrations and Heroes and Villains are proof enough of his genius.  A number of songs such as the majestic Surf's Up were released in the early '70s on various Beach Boys albums from original Smile-era recordings with new overdubs and mixes.
As it is SMILE is a great album and a must-have for any Beach Boys fan.  Just hearing the songs in a comprehensive order with top-notch mono sound from the original tapes is priceless.

Revel in Smile for what it is rather than what it could have been because we will never know.. 

If you haven't already read the fabulous book, Look!  Listen! Vibrate! SMILE!, you should.  It's primarily media clippings from the period leading up to what would have been Smile's original release.  It reminds us that The Beach Boys were neck-and-neck with The Beatles in terms of popularity and significance in the rock world.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hot Wheels Bone Shaker

April Fools joke or real deal?

Today Mattel announced Larry Wood's Bone Shaker as the basis for a new men's fragrance!  Cool bottle.  Hope it's true.