Welcome to HTBomb's Magical Hot Wheels. I played with Mattel Hot Wheels when I was a kid and began collecting them as an adult in 1996 shortly after leaving a 79 cent limited edition Treasure Hunt Passion on the pegs at KMart. That car is now worth $100! Several months later I found and bought three Treasure Hunts at Target. I was hooked.

I am interested in buying childhood collections of toy cars: Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Corgi, Husky, Dinky and Topper Johnny Lightning; Slot cars from Cox, Aurora and Tyco AF/X; Plastic model kits from AMT, Monogram, MPC. Please contact me via my website link below.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hot Wheels Jump at Indy 500

World record four-wheel vehicle jump set by Tanner Foust on a Hot Wheels-style orange track at the Indianapolis 500 in May 2011. Shades of the classic stunt action set from 1968.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hot Wheels Ferrari FF

Today I opened a Ferrari FF.  There's something oddly appealing about that roof-line.  The real car seats four so the extended tall roof provides headroom for rear seat passengers.  Porsche's Panamera suddenly looks normal.  Is it a coupe?  Is it a wagon?  Is it a hatchback?  What the heck, it's a Ferrari FF.

I like the classic Ferrari red paint/tan interior (very detailed at that) and photo-realistic headlight tampos.  The air outlet behind the front wheels is an opening in the diecast body with the gray plastic from the chassis behind the hole.  Too bad the same attention wasn't paid to the front grille as its Cheshire Cat grin is a big part of the car's personality.  At least it's deeply regressed like the real deal.  Overall, a fine looking casting.

Below is the upcoming Hot Wheels Elite 1/18 scale FF for comparison.  I first thought this was a photo of the actual car.  Amazing.

 FF = Ferrari Four = Four seater = Four wheel drive (a first for Ferrari)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hot Wheels Nostalgia DC Comics, 4-Pack

Nice set for ten bucks.  On sale at Walmart.com.  Free ship to store or 97 cents to your house.  Can't beat that!

Includes this cool COE (photo from justjdm).

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thoughts On Collecting Hot Wheels

1. BUY WHAT YOU LIKE. You'll never be disappointed.

2. PERSISTENCE PAYS OFF. If you really want to find that elusive car, there's nothing like persistence.  But when collecting takes too much time away from family ,work and friends, you may have gone too far.

3. VALUE. Collectibles are worth what the buyer and seller agree they're worth.

4. LIMITED EDITIONS. A Limited Edition of 5,000 is not necessarily worth more than a Limited Edition of 10,000.  Desirability is the key, not production numbers.   This is true for all collectibles.

5. DEALERS.  Anyone who constantly buys stuff, old or new, for resale is a dealer.  Then again, most collectors are dealers to some extent.  Hmmmmmm.

6. FUN.  Fun is the most important part of collecting.  If you're not having fun then you shouldn't be collecting.