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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hot Wheels '55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser

Introducing Mattel Hot Wheels Chevy Gasser new for 2013 from the HW Showroom series.

Gassers were a part of the early drag racing movement that began during the mid-1950s and continued all the way through the late-1960s. They paved the way for faster cars like the altered wheelbase A/FX (or “Altereds”) and funny cars.

The Hot Wheels gasser has authentic primer gray paint and hand-letter style graphics.  My only issue is it leans a bit too much to the rear so much so that it looks like it's lifting off the starting line.

The concept was to simply provide as much weight transfer over the rear wheels as possible to provide the best traction.  Tall tire was the name of the game with gassers, so radiused rear wheelwells were par for the course, as were fenderwell headers and weight-saving punch holes found across the front suspension and frame.

I think you'll agree that the gasser look is quite sexy. And Mattel captured the overall aesthetic quite nicely.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

2013 Hot Wheels Special Edition Camaro

Finally, a Hot Wheels car you can drive to the supermarket.  Ever wonder what it would be like to drive a Hot Wheels car?  Well wonder no more.  Chevrolet has announced the 2013 Hot Wheels Special Edition Camaro.  Sporting Hot Wheels stickers on bodywork, front grille, sill and banks, wheels and a few other places not to mention discreet flames on the hind quarters.   It even has redline stripes on the wheels.

All this can be had for under seven grand plus the price of a Camaro, with V6 and V8 options in coupe and convertible.

While I enjoy collecting Hot Wheels I'm not quite ready to announce it to the world.
The Camaro is a fitting tribute as the first Hot Wheels released back in '68 was the Custom Camaro (a reasonable facsimile seen next to the '13 in the Sema photo above.  And Camaros remain collector favorites.

If you can't come up with the cash for the real car you can surely spring a buck for the regular issue toy version available soon at your favorite toy store or department.

The newest Hot Wheels Camaro...
Hot Wheels Special Edition Camaro
And the first...

Hot Wheels Custom Camaro