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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today I Opened a Hot Wheels Fast Cash

2011 Fast Cash

With a dollar-sign grille, vault doors, combination lock on rear, and metal body this armored hot rod makes a great money clip or business card holder. (According to the package!)

The wing top will indeed hold a dollar bill or business card but not securely as it easily rises and flaps around loose, I suspect so young kids don't hurt their fingers.  Working features add another dimension to Hot Wheels (last year we were introduced to a bottle opener, Carbonator, and a nut wrench, Tooligan

The car's design works at two levels: with the top on it looks like a swoopy fastback with spoiler at the rear.  With with the wing-top removed it takes on a cool chop-top hot rod look; the hole for the clip looking like a sunroof.  So if you (or your kids) lose the top no one will know!

I like the metallic green fender's color, though plastic, and chunky diecast engine/grille.  The studded metallic silver body is diecast but looks plastic.  There are numerous currency symbols hidden in the chassis details which is a nice touch. 

This car was influenced by one of my favorite Tom Daniel designs the Jinx Express model kit from the 70s.  The model is a working piggy bank and has a slot for depositing coins in the gun turret and a rear "vault" door that opens with a working combination lock! The door is a large round dial on the back and the Fast Cash has a similar, though non-working, feature. A bit of black paint would bring out the dollar sign in the Fast Cash's grille, another Tom Daniel feature. 

1971 Jinx Express

 A few years later Tom created this variation, the Fast Buck.  Fast Buck, Fast Cash, get it?!  And then there's the Hot Wheels Funny Money also influenced by Tom and covered previously in my blog.
1973 Fast Buck
All in all the Fast Cash is a nice casting that should appeal to the kids as well as adults.  And you're not taking much of a cash risk for a buck and it's only money anyway.

 Sigh No More

I have no idea why Amazon suggested this CD by Mumford & Sons but these guys were incredible performing with Bob Dylan on this year's Grammy Awards and Sigh No More has some great songs.

Victory Vintage Signs - Jinx Armor Truck Sign - Tom Daniels Hot Rod Metal Sign

Victory Vintage Signs - Jinx Armor Truck Sign - Tom Daniels Hot Rod Metal Sign

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