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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hot Wheels The Heavweights Series

DThe Heavyweights Series was introduced in 1970 and 1971.  It featured heavy weight work vehicles including a tow truck, fire truck, scooper, etc.  To quote the blister pack they came these were "Fast movin' hard workin' haulers!".  Unlike Hot Wheels cars these were named rather matter-of-factly after their purpose, i.e., Tow Truck, Moving Van, Dump Track, Ambulance, etc.  They had highly stylized cabs with large fantasy-type bubble windows very much of their day and rather modern looking.

Moving Van

Most vehicles were comprised of either a removable cab/trailer or one-piece base/cab painted in different Specrtralame colors.  One cool thing about the series is that the some of the bases could be interchanged.  For example, you could simply lift the trailer with its ball joint from this moving van and put it on the fire truck.  It was a little trickier with one-piece bases as you'd have to pry the snap-on parts off.
Waste Wagon
 The Waste Wagon can flip payload into the open container.
Dump Truck

Race Team
Some of my favorite Heavyweights form a race team: Racer Rig, Fuel Tanker, Team Trailer and The Pit Crew car in back was not part of the series for whatever readon .  The Racer Rig featured extending ramps and opening tool box (Strip Teaser racer pictured here not included).
Tow Truck

The Tow Truck's metal tow hook extends out to actually tow a car. 

Not pictured are the Ambulance, Cement Mixer, Fire Engine or S'Cool Bus which was based on Tom Daniel's popular Monogram plastic model kit.

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